SUPER FAN REWARDS program has been suspended for the permanent store closing. You may redeem your points still but can not along with the 30% off discount. Unfortunately, programing only allows for one discount opportunity per transaction. Points are no longer accruing for new purchases. Redemption only as of May 15th, 2023. 


How to Earn Points:

  • Sign up for a NEW rewards account!
  • Spend $1 for 1 point
  • Double points weekends get you 2 points for every $1 spent. Watch for those special events in your email inbox!
  • Add your birthday, and when it comes that time, you get points!
  • Follow K-State Super Store on Instagram
  • Like K-State Super Store Facebook
  • Refer friends to shop and sign up!

Each activity rewards various points. A total of 300 points gets you a $10 reward. Also note that rewards points can NOT be redeemed with any other discount or promotional code. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How can I check my points on the new program?
    1. Be sure to include your email address in the new account sign up and allow for marketing emails to be sent to you (we promise not to annoyingly flood your inbox!). At the bottom of our emails will include links to see your account point balance among other account activities.
  2. What happened to my old points?
    1. Unfortunately, those points have gone away. But, when you sign up you will receive 150 points! You can also earn points for your birthday and liking us on social media!
  3. What if I forget my login?
    1. Passwords can easily be recovered with a simple reset solution. Just remember which email address you signed up with as that will act as your account username!
    2. Just like all actions on, the Super Fan Rewards sign up and login is secure. Your private information will not be stored visibly, but we can manually request a password reset if needed. Email us for help at
  4. What if I checkout as a guest either online or in-store (not logged in under my rewards account)?
    1. Email your online order number or in-store receipt number to validate the purchase and total earned points. That email again is

***Super Fan Rewards points will accrue with online orders when you login into with the matching email address that your Super Fan Rewards account was created with. If not working or you're unsure that your Rewards account contains an email address, call in-store to confirm. 785-537-0844 ex.1153 This includes on double rewards days, too!