Wabash Collection

Kansas State University's rich heritage and unique traditions come to life in the Wabash Collection, a compilation of past logos, photos, and advertisements released to select K-State licensees. The Collection takes its name from the song The Wabash Cannonball, K-State's second fight song. It was the only piece of sheet music rescued from the K-State music department in the Nichols Hall fire of 1968, which destroyed many musical instruments, original scores, and the University's auditorium.

Our K-State Wabash Collection includes styles and products that feature vintage K-State logos. While we do offer this collection at all our store locations, there will also be some exclusive Wabash styles at our new pop-up store, Wabash Way, which is located at the southwest concourse at the stadium.

K-State's logo was not always the Powercat that we proudly wear today. Since we just got in new items with these vintage mascots, we asked some of our team members which were their favorites and why.

For Sammy, the shaggy head mascot is her favorite because of her parents. They had t-shirts and glassware with this logo on it, making it the first mascot Sammy saw. She still has some glasses with this vintage design from her childhood. Her favorite gear with this logo is our new Wabash Zip Jacket.

Brett and Josiah both voted for the furry head mascot. They liked it the best because they thought it captured the likeness of an actual wildcat and the intensity of our team spirit. Even though this mascot is not as widely used as others, it comes on our incredibly soft Bella+Canvas Tees.

Sailor Willie was Ryan's pick because of the mascot's aggressive attitude and obvious lack of tolerance for any messing around. The embroidered Willie really does look intense on this vintage baseball cap.

If you can't decide between the mascots, our Wabash Nano Tee showcases the evolution of Willie over the years on the sleeve.

Which mascot do you remember from your college days? Which mascot do you like the best and why? Let us know in the comments below!



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