The Powercat

Before Bill Snyder joined the K-State Football program, the Wildcats were in trouble. They had consecutive losing seasons and very low game attendance. Shortly after accepting the position he said, “The opportunity for the greatest turnaround in college football exists here today.” And that is exactly what happened.

During the following years, Coach Snyder completely turned the program around. As part of the turnaround, he brought a lot of changes with him. The original bright purple uniforms were changed to a darker purple, and most notably, the Wildcat logo was changed to the Powercat logo. He wanted a simpler logo that would stand out, so he commissioned Tom Bookwalter to create a new design. After many sketches, Tom painted the Powercat on a football helmet and took it to the coach. Both the players and Coach Snyder liked the design and began using it for the football program.

Since then, the Powercat has become the unifying logo that represents all the improvements and changes that have come because of Coach Snyder's influence. The football program drastically improved, which increased the number of new students enrolling and allowed for more improvements throughout the campus. Who we are today is in many ways thanks to Coach Snyder. The Powercat is his legacy and showcases the pride that he restored to our university. Let's celebrate everything he has accomplished by wearing the Powercat with pride.

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