Thank You, Coach!

After 27 seasons, Coach Snyder is retiring from coaching. The impact he has had on K-State football will not be easily forgotten. His legacy can be seen while driving down the Bill Snyder Family Highway or while staring up at his statue in front of the Bill Snyder Family Stadium. He will long be remember for his headset, wire glasses, and Nike Cortez shoes. But the one thing that defines his legacy more than all these is his strong emphasis on FAMILY. When the Wildcats were without a win behind them and without a win in sight, Coach Snyder stepped in and transformed the team into a family that would play together, win together, or even lose together. This made all the difference as they went on to win bowl games and titles.

As quoted by ESPN, K-State athletic director Gene Taylor said, "Coach Snyder has had an immeasurable impact on our football program, Kansas State University, the Manhattan community and the entire state of Kansas, and it has been an honor and a privilege to get to know and work with him the past two years. He and his family have touched the lives of so many people, from student-athletes, coaches, staff and fans, and he is truly one of the greatest coaches and leaders in college football history. His impact on college football is unmatched and legacy is one that will last a lifetime."

To show our appreciation and to remember the legacy, these Nike tees read "Thank You, Coach Snyder" on the front and have a design featuring his iconic Nike Cortez shoes on the back. You can shop for these tees here.

Thank you, Coach, for your years of impacting our football program and our community as a whole. You were willing to take the bold steps when no one else would and led us to great things. You have given the Wildcats something to be proud about and rallied us together as a family. GO CATS!


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