Many of our best-selling products are from the Champion brand. Here is a brief look at who Champion is and what they have done over the years.

In 1919, the Champion brand was founded in Rochester, New York. They quickly partnered with a university to begin producing their athletic wear. They would go on to become the brand of choice for college bookstores all over the nation. Their innovations caused them to gain popularity, perhaps most notably their invention of the reverse weave. The reverse weave is a technique used in the creation of sweatshirts to resist vertical shrinkage. They continued to claim fame by introducing hooded sweatshirts, mesh practice uniforms, and sports bras. The Champion brand has caught the attention of many other champions all around the world. Champion products have been used by NBA teams, NFL teams, and Olympic teams.

 Athletes are not the only ones sporting
 the distinctive C logo. Recently
 celebrities including the Kardashian-
 Jenner sisters have picked up on the
 brand. Champion jumpers, hoodies, and
 sweats have all become must-haves for 
 the 90s nostalgist.

 Next year, Champion will be celebrating
 its 100th anniversary. Let's celebrate
 early with new styles and products for
 Wildcat fans!



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