Game-Day Tips & Tricks

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If you know any K-State fan, you know game days are like holidays in Manhattan. People walk, drive, or even fly just to be able to sit inside Bill Snyder Family Stadium and be apart of the K-State family on a Caturday. Whether you’re tailgating or cheering from the stands, you have to show up with spirit, style, and a smile. We’re going to break down all the game-day tips and tricks to make sure that your next game-day is a success. 

Shop before game-day

If you’re planning on coming to a game, the best piece of advice I can give you is to shop before the day of a game. Better yet, shop even before the day before a game! You can beat the crowds and have more time to enjoy all the fun of being with your family and friends. After all, that’s what a Caturday is really about! 

Show up early

The second tip I have is to always show up early. This allows you to beat the traffic, have more time to tailgate, and allow you to come inside and shop for anything you might have forgotten! 

Always layer up

Unless it’s one of those summer-like boiling hot days, it’s always in your best interest to layer up! Whether you’re just bringing a light rain jacket, or bundling up with a long sleeve sweater, and a coat, layers are a good idea! Dressing for fall games is always the hardest. You never know if you should be wearing a tank-top or sweatshirt. Games often start early in the morning or end late in the evening and the crazy Kansas weather is not always our friend.

I try to always wear jeans of some sort to the game. This way if it’s warmer I’m not extremely uncomfortable, and if it cools down, I’m warm enough. I also wear a short-sleeve shirt then add layers! I like pairing one of the tees we have with a cute cardigan or sweater for a game that will be in the 60s or 70s with some comfy sneakers or a short boot. 

For a cooler game, I wear jeans (possibly with leggings underneath depending on how cold it is) and any basic long sleeve shirt to wear under one of my K-State shirts, then add a cardigan, and a coat! 

For those games that feel like you should be watching ice hockey on the field instead of football, packing gloves, extra socks or leg warmers and a cute beanie are a must! A blanket to bundle up at the tailgate or set on your chilly bleacher seat is always a great idea as well. 

Don’t forget your bags

If you’re tailgating, we have a wide assortment of bags and coolers that perfect for bringing all of your favorite snacks and drinks. My favorite item is our Collapsible 3-IN-1 Cooler. This makes it easy to come to the game stocked up, but even easier when it’s time to empty it and head home.

If you’re going into the game you have to have a clear bag due to the stadium's safety procedures. Luckily, the clear bag trend is currently in style! There are ways to make this look cute when using my favorite bag, the Stadium Clear Crossbody and Privacy Pouch bag.

Customize your look

Show up looking like a Superfan! Our customizing option is perfect for almost any game-day apparel. Put your name or lucky number on the back of any jersey, or bring in your favorite jacket from home and add a powercat for the ultimate game-day look!

Remember, only true fans are Superfans.



Jillian Headrick - Public Relations and Design Intern 2019